Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I went for my 1st Trimester Screening today(which I'm not really even in it anymore, but they had to push it back) and they did an ultrasound and the baby measured at 14 wks 2 days and I'm supposed to be 13 wks 3 days so I am about a week farther along than they thought. My doctor might change the due date to April 26th. I will update this with the pictures later:) Yay, one week closer to having my little love!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I wish I had some cute pictures to show you but I left the battery charger for my camera at the country club my brothers wedding was at and my card port on the computer isnt working. Sad story. I do have pumpkin patch photos awaiting an upload though.

So, I am now 13 weeks which means I'm in my 2nd trimester. The sickness is kind of subsiding and I'm more having problems with my migraines. I usually just take some Tylonel PM and it doesn't come back until the next day around dinner time. My appetite is coming back and unfortunately the things I want are pizza and bbq'd chili dogs on a wheat bun...don't ask..Hahah. I am definately starting to show which is odd to me but once I realize I'm 13 weeks, it's not so odd. So, I have a belly picture. Since my camera is dead, I had to resort to the camera phone, sad. This was a little over a week ago but I look the same. I'm too small for maternity pants but my regular pants are too tight so I'm resorting to the rubberband on the button.

Duane's knee surgery is scheduled for November 12th which is 2 days after our 3 year wedding anniversary, so we are going to hopefully be doing something the previous weekend. He is stoekd to be relieved of his pain and then he has a job waiting for him in December sometime if not then January. He starts school in January and will hopefully be joining the electricians union in early June.

So, things will be looking up soon. I am just enjoying being pregnant and really enjoying the time I have left alone with Kade. I'm trying not to call him "my baby" anymore. I don't want him to be confused or hurt when the baby comes. For now, he's "mommy's big boy." And he gets very happy when he hears that. Which means I have to coem to the realization that he is a big boy! He is growing out of his 3T shirts...he's a big boy:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lazy me

I haven't blogged in a while. I've just been dealing with a lot...I have a Protein S deficiency and because only a few thousand people have it worldwide(not to mention I am my doctor's first case in his 23 years as an OB) there is not much research or really any guidelines of treatment to go by. Basically, it makes my blood more likely to clot and since the baby's veins are so tiny, I have to take baby Asprins to thin my blood until I'm 28 weeks at which point my blood will be a good consistency to the baby's veins. If this treatment is not working, I have to give myself a shot every day. Sounds fun...They don't know any cause other than gentics and since my dad has had kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, clots in his legs etc., they are leaning toward the possiblity that it comes from him. So, I need to go back in his medical records to find if he's ever been tested for it.

Other than that, dad's leg is sooo much better. He can put weight on it now which makes him want to be incredibly independent and go on his crutch alone which is not going to happen again after I asked him if he wanted to end up back in the wheelchair:)

No luck yet on the job front. I'm staying positive. The basics of it is the economy sucks and Duane's line of work is production so if people aren't spending money, there is no production, hence no need for new employees. The frustrating thing is he just needs a temporary job until May when he finishes his classes necessary to join the electrician's union(my dad did it for 40 years and my 2 other brothers do it and he is very intrigued and needless to say, he's making my Dad proud so that helps him:)

My denial of the fact that Kade is almost two is worsening. "He's almost 21 months!" I have to correct people when they call him a two year old:) And to prove that he is HUGE I have recent pictures that blow even my mind

Playing baseball outside before church

Ok, so here is where the big boy in him makes me sad...we are a BIG sports family and he is definately part of the family:) He starts with almost perfect form

And THEN, look at how he follows throught with his foot...his dad and grandpa were pretty amazed...haha

I am trying to accept that in 3 months, my man will be 2 which then means in 3 months after that, I will have a newborn little baby love. Though I have been sad about being pregnant and Duane being laid off, I am almost glad that I am pregnant while this was happening because I have something to look forward to, something to be positively hopeful for and even when I get sad or worried, the joy of how amazing this whole process is is overwhelming. It is most definately a blessing:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

how's this for an update

Duane got laid off today. Gotta love the economy. They had to downsize and it really sucks. They got him severence pay, which was nice of them. They do, however, have to pay Duane workmans comp when he gets his knee surgery in the next couple weeks for the fall he had at work back around December.

So, my medical expires October 31st. I've been stressed out all day about not having money and I just realized, "Oh wait, I'm not gonna have medical insurance for my unborn child!"

I'm kind of freaking out and Duane is really down on himself and I am trying my hardest to stay strong for him and let him know that there was nothing he could've done different.

So, I will keep you updated on the job search, considering that will be our lives for the next however long it takes.