Saturday, November 21, 2009

Giving Thanks

I have said many times that our current situation is hard and it can be very easy to dwell more on the bad than the blessings. With Thanksgiving around the corner and all of the commercials and different updates that people are doing on their Facebook's, I just think about it more and more and remember that though this year has been difficult, I HAVE been blessed beyond measure.
I have my life and my health. I have my children who have their lives and health. I have my husband who works so hard, is always helpful to every single person who might need anything even though is in constant pain. I have my dad who, seemingly, has nine lives and though he has several health problems, he stays positive and really lifts me up when I'm feeling sad. I have my mom who helps so much when I need it. I have my sister who I look up to so much for her strength and motivation and knowledge. I don't think I could've gotten through Kade or Kellan's births without her and Duane working as a team. I couldn't have gotten through Kade's newborn stages as well as we did. I couldn't get through most of the challanges I face without her to talk to and her guidance. I'm thankful for all my siblings and extended family. I am so thankful to have such a huge, widespread family. I am thankful for the roof over my head, my working vehicles, the friends that have stuck around and enriched my life. I am thankful for my faith and the gospel. I am thankful for the lessons learned daily. I know this too shall pass and this few years of struggle will be all worth it for the 50+ years of bliss.

I found this video and just love it and how greatful it makes me feel.

My two little blessings

Friday, November 20, 2009

Plan Toys Airport Giveaway

Another fun and ADORABLE giveaway from!

I LOVE Plan Toys so sooo much. They have so much cute and educational and downright fun things!

This weeks giveaway is the Plan Toys Airport. Kade would looove it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to School, Back to School...

Sorry, couldn't help the Billy Madison reference:)

This is a Duane post.

This has been a really tough past 4 years that we have been married. We have experienced the recession first hand with lots of lay-offs and, the past 2 years, dealing with the work injury has been a particular challange. The last year has been the most challanging, stressful, emotional and trying year so far. Most of you know, Duane fell at work December 11, 2007 and has had 2 surgeries on his meniscus in the past year. He still has severe limiting pain and his orthopedic surgeon is positive he needs more surgery. With the lovely workman's compensation insurance not approving physical therapy or another MRI to see exactly what is causing the current pain, we have just been stuck in limbo. Knowing that we have this time off for Duane to get back to school has been really difficult given his phyical condition, he hasn't known what to go back to school for that is not physical or taxing on his body. For several months, we have been fighting with the insurance company to approve physical therapy and there is just no way that it is going to happen, so Duane decided to look at some different faster options on getting a degree doing something that would not depend on his phyical ability.

After looking at several options, Duane took a tour at Heald College and looked at the different programs and decided that he really wanted to get into the IT Networking Program. After 12-18 months, he will have his AA in Computer Networking, which is fabulous considering this occupation is something that will never become obsolete, because of our dependence on technology. Everyone keeps saying,"Aren't the private colleges so pricey?!" It is, its $12,000, but he's already received a $4000 scholarship, we qualify for the FAFSA and Duane's dad was injured in active duty and receives money through the VA and so he is eligible for the GI Bill, which will pay for the remainder of his tuition.

He is attending full-time and I am working part time to help out so our lives are a little like passing ships at the moment, but this has been so good for him and will be great for us and our family.

I am just so grateful for the opportunities that have risen for us recently and I never thought that I would EVER feel this way, but I am so very thankful for our current trials that we are struggling through and have still managed to remain best friends, very much in love, and co-partners in our marriage and parenting. That's not to say it hasn't been a struggle, because it has, but I am just exceedingly grateful for everything that makes us stronger at this point.

I have several pictures of the kids to post, but I don't have time right now, so a random post will happen as soon as I upload the photos:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WeeSqueak Shoes(giveaway)

The other day when we went to a family fun type place, I saw(heard) a little baby girl wearing these shoes and immediately came home and researched and lo and behold! My favorite mommy site, Intheknowmom, features them with a giveaway! For those mommies who like to stay informed and find the best for their little ones, this site is fabulous!

Check it out ladies...GIVEAWAY!

All Because Two People Fell In Love...

Today is our 4 Year Anniversary. We have been through so much and had some amazing hi's and hard low's. All in all, we have two beautiful, happy, smily, smart, crazy boys that our world revolves around, lots and lots of love and hugs and kisses and laughs. I have really been trying my hardest to focus on all things we have versus what we lack and when I count my blessings, we have so so much.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Just some quick shots of the boys for Halloween. My little cowboys:) I have to say, I always love having 2 boys, but during the holiday season it is even better. November is the month of Thanksgiving and I have really been trying my hardest to focus on things we have been blessed with versus the things we lack and every single picture that I take of my kids just melts my heart and reminds me of the ridiculous amount of love and blessings I have in my life.

Kade's preschool Halloween party...he decorated a monster cupcake

Halloween night...the bounty:)

They were not too keen on taking this one...none of us were really, but its us:)

I got this costume on ebay and I had forgotten to change my address on there when I won it, so we thought it wasn't going to make it to us in time for Halloween but it came 2 days before and I was so excited I just had to put it on him:)