Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kade's "Happy -Day!"

That's what Kade's calls it, he drops the "birth" in "birthday.":)
I, like a ditz AGAIN, forgot to take my camera out during the party because well, this child inside me is basically sucking out all common sense and logic as well as energy:) I could kick myself considering that both sets of grandparents, step-grandma and great-grandpa were there. That and the lighting was perfect on this sunny day so the pictures would'v been great:(

So, I remembered right around cake time that pictures needed to be taken, so my sister happily obliged and took some for me. I then took pictures of the center pieces afterwards:)

The homemade invitations

the centerpieces that we painted to match the theme(i hate character parties, can you tell?)

the tables

I realized the day before the party that I had a cake to make so I enlisted the help of my best friend, Catherine aka Batman, whose mom made Kade's pirate cake last year, to "help" me aka do it for me:)

Kade blowing out the candles...he really did it by himself!