Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Kellan has been smiling for a while now but he has just begun being smily all the time. My favorite, I have to admit, is when i go to get him out of the crib in the morning and he gives me a big fat smile. Here are some cute pictures I took of the kids and Kellan's smiles!

Also, we went to Reno for Daune's cousin's high school graduation and we finally got a family picture!!! It's not the best picture of us(note: Kade's pirate socks, inability to SMILE and oh yeah, me all together:) haha

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Utah, Firehouse Tour and some downright cuteness

We recently took a trip to Utah for my best friend, Polly's, wedding. I, like I always do, didn't really pull my camera out too much. I didn't get to see her too much while we were ther ebecause she was sooo busy preparing, but we did get to take a little time at Temple Square and we met up with our favorite missionary who we had when we lived in the apartment in Stockon while I was pregnant with Kade.

the time we were here was really fast, we were in a hurry, so excuse the off-centeredness, bad settings and general craziness of these pictures:)
the mirror pool

our little family(we look sooo tired...we woke up expecting to get on the road to drive home and kind of detoured to temple square and then to lunch with him haha)and our favorite missionary, Geoff aka Elder Newman

As most of you know, I used to work for my sister's swim school and one of the adults that we taught there is a fire captain in Tracy. Well, he agreed to do a private little tour for my sister and my kids of the firehouse. Being that we have 4 boys between us, you can imagine how happy they were to go there. We also took Duane's nephew, Brody, who is almost exactly 1 year older than Kade.

here they are in the firetruck

here is Kade "driving" the firetruck:)
here are my sister's kids and kade and Captain Jim:)
proof Kellan was there...just sleeping haha

now for your bi-weekly dose of cute sleeping kids:)

kade had a really high fever a couple weeks ago and passed out in my bed...and took it over as always

and my sweet sleeper boy. always sleeping, always adorable:)

and for all of you just dying for a smiling picture of the boy, this was taken with the camera phone...

And for a slight comparison, here's Kade at 3 months

I know, its uncanny.