Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meet Pilar...

the catapillar...

Notice that little fuzzy thing in Kade's arms?? That is Pilar aka The Very Hungry Catapillar. He ripped his book and so for Christmas, I got him a little set of the book and it came with the catapillar. He absolutely LOVES this thing and tonight, asked if he could sleep with it. I had to say yes, even though I know he'll stay up all night pointing out where all its body parts should be and naming them off for all to hear over the monitor. And for those of you who know that Kade has a blanket that he is particularly fond of, it is buried under his new(well, its old. Duanes mom made it for him when he was born) airplane blanket that he has had since birth but has discovered about a month ago that it has airplanes on it. He MUST have it to go to bed. He was being so stinking cute tonight, I just had to whip out the camera and take a picture of his "cheeses."

Which brings this question into my mind...did any of you ever think when you were pregnant that you wouldn't be able to love the new baby anywhere near as much as the older? Because as he grows and matures and I fall in love more and more, the question pops into my mind:)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

secret santa?

The weirdest thing happened! Someone rang the doorbell and there on the doorstep was a garbage bag full of presents for us. It must have been someone who didnt know us very well, because the clothes they got for Kade were 4t pants and a 5T shirt. I am almost positive it was someone from church, maybe my home or visiting teachers. It was way sweet but I so would've loved to know who it was so I could say thank you or send a note or something. Anyways, hey got Kade a soccer ball that he absolutely LOVES. He is running around showing all of us over and over saying,"sauter ball!!!" It's quite adorable in fact:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

i know i know

Hi everyone!!! I am lame as always, I know and forget to update in the last couple months. Here's what's going on in our home...

To give you the immediate update, I am a little over 21 weeks and had my ultrasound today and well..


thats right boy number 2:) We are beyond ecstatic and cannot wait for this little one:)

Last year around this time, Duane fell at work and dislocated is kneecap and the doctors found a torn miniscus about 6 months ago. We've been waiting for workmans comp to approve the surgery and he got it on Nov 12. They found tears on both sides of his knees so he will be off his feet until mid-January.

Kade will be two in a little over a month. I am a lot more comfortable with the fact that he is a big man because I know by the time I am really depressed about it, I will just have a new little baby. The way God works is amazing.

Thanksgiving...we went to my sister, Glenda's house in San Clemente. It was a little challanging with Kade for the first time. He is the kind of boy who likes to move....all the time. So sitting in the carseat then being trapped in hotel room with 3 other people took a toll on him. But all around he had a lot of fun at my sister's house. I could really kick myself for not taking pictures at all except for Kade driving down. I had my dad's 3 daughters and I didn't even think about taking a picture. Anyhoo-Glenda worked her butt off and made a delicious, gigantic, beautiful meal enjoyed by all.

We got our Christmas tree and hung the stockings and did a little bit of Christmas shopping. I have to tell you I am truly obsessed with the Christmas season. I would listen to the music and have my tree up year-round if it wasn't a tid bit creepy:)
So that sums up the last couple months and now some pictures of whats been going on:)

his new choo choo jammies..hes choochoo obsessed

We went to Carson City to visit my dad's brother, Vaughn and went to the Nevada Day parade

Corn mazes

And then came Christmas time:)

this house we're at has over 150,000 lights and a CHOO CHOO TRAIN!!!! haha, he went nuts

A picture of him smiling with santa...kinda haha

There are a couple more that I will update later with:) I promise I will stay on top of it this time. So, to sum it up, we are very happy, looking forward to Duane feeling 100%(oh he can start putting weight on his foot on Christmas Eve), and enjoying all the time we have left with just Kade. His latest thing is singing. He loves to sing! His favorites include "Adelweiss," "Daddy's Little Girl," which we change to "Mommy's Little Man," "All I Wanna Do," by Sugarland(he really just sings the do-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo part haha), and he tries so hard to sing his "ABC's." But he says random letters, mostly B I U Y O P over and over in a different order haha. He is just becoming BIG and we LOVVVE it:)