Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Feel Like I'm Falling For Fall:)

Sidenote: We LOVE Noggin:)

I love Fall. I love everything that it includes, like the shift from 100 degree weather to 75 degree weather, the change in the leaves, bundling the kids up, the pumpkin patch, Halloween, Thanksgiving, family, etc. So, we went to the pumpkin patch today with my brother, Shawn, his kids, my sister, Minnarie and her kids. I got some cute cute pictures and of course, have got to share them with all of you:)

all of the cousins. they were trying to get together, but it didn't work lol

p.s. he wears this vest everywhere. hes obsessed with police officers right now and so, he is a sheriff. im just happy he's not wearing a helmet lol

this was zoomed in and i didn't know it, but i think the boys' faces are so stinkin adorable i just had to post it:)uncle shawn:)

Also, we went to the ward trunk or treat and Kade was a cowboy(Kellan's slept:). He isn't too keen on picture taking these days, so I only got a few but he's so cute, it doesn't really matter is he's even looking at the camera:)

picture strike
peanut butter cup boy:)

We are now on the activity commitee, so Duane's aunt came and brought Duane's nephew, Brody and watched the kids for us while we served food and did other activity related things

I got Kellan a cowboy costume that I am waiting for in the mail, so I am super excited for that, but meanwhile, I decided to put Kade's old pirate costume on him and WOW am I in love with this little baby!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

School Days

This past week we've had some stormy days and one of my favorite things is bundling up my boys in soft sweaters and warm clothes. I know that I love that feeling of being nice and warm, so I'm sure the feeling is universal. I just took a couple pictures on Kade's way out of the door to school the last couple days and they are just quick snaps but I love this little boy sooo much. It just makes me crazy to realize that he is such a big boy going to school.

Friday, October 9, 2009

no news is good news right?

I really have nothing in particular to blog about today. Just updating all you lovely people that like to know how we are doing.

Duane is still in pain and waiting for workman's comp to approve something, physical therapy or an MRI for more surgery. So, we hired a lawyer that was recommended by our bishop, who is a lawyer himself.
Kade is in school and learning so so much. He knows his days of the week, months of the year, can count to 13 and count backwards from 10, learned red, green, and yellow lights and what they mean, comes up with funny phrases and new songs every day. He is almost fully potty trained, except for nights. Well, this week, he has been having quite a few accident actually, but he was doing great for 3 weeks. It'll get better again. Just a bad week:) He is still as obsessed with baseball as ever but has realized that there are times when he just cannot where his helmet/hat/mitt everywhere we go, e.g. church, school, birthday parties, the library, etc. We go to library storytime every Tuesday and he really enjoys the songs and stories and getting new books every week. He is in swim lessons and can now swim across the pool with no floatation aids or help from the teacher, with hsi face down in the water blowing bubbles. He is such a little sponge right now and we are just really enjoying every single moment that we get to watch him grow.
Kellan is 5 months now and is the size of a 9 month old.He weighs 20 lbs. He is in 12 month clothing and is sitting up by himself(for the past month), rolling, starting to clap, dance, and scoot backwards on his belly. I love this age sooo much and really really missed it with Kade being such a big boy. He melts our hearts with every smile, every move he makes really:) It's so fun to witness all the developmental milestones and things and little clues to his future personality. He is such a little light, just like his brother.

Dad is doing well. His doctor eliminated 2 of the 3 blood pressure medications he was on and commended him for his hard work. We just had his brother from Carson City and his wife come visit us and it made Dad insanely happy to have them here. I am really glad that Kade is growing up with knowing his extended family, as I didn't really get that opportunity.

As for me, the home is a challange as we have moved and it is almost twice the size as the house in Lathrop. I also work (as much as I can with all the crazy that exists in my life) for my sister's swim school. I do the office work, coach the swim team, and try to help out as much as I can wherever she needs me. I babysit my nephews on Mon/Wed and my best friend's daughter on Tues, which I love having all of them. Friday's are my days with the kids, just spending time. I try not to make any plans because I really want to make it their special day with mommy.

So that's our lives these days. Happy healthy kids and Dad, happy Mama and Papa and we're just trying to get through everything that life throws at us. Here are some pictures of the baby loves to hoold you over:)

Oh, and did I mention that Kade is the most loving, affectionate big brother EVER. He has never once been aggressive or mean. I absolutely LOVE it:)