Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kellan Seymour

He has arrived! Kellan Seymour Hansen was born Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 3:07 AM weighing in at...are you guys ready for it???
9 lbs 7 oz.....20.5 inches long!!! Thats 2.5 oz heavier than his big brother:) He looks so much like Kade and has the same facial expressions e.g. furrowing of the eyebrows, pursing of the lips. Here is a comparison for the people who need it:

Kade at 2 days old:

Kellan at 2 days old:

They both have Papa's eyes and Mom's mouth. They both have the pronounced forehead and widow's peak. Kellan's hair is surprisingly darker than expected but Kade's hair was too and he lightened up after is all fell out:)

I was induced Monday morning and it was very slow labor. I did not want them to break my water bag or give me pitocin, so it went a lot longer than it could have. I gave in to the water bag at 6:30 pm and then the pitocin at 2:30 am. That moved things right along and by the time I had to push, within 2 pushes, he was out. Needless to say I was DONE being pregnant and didn't care how badly it was going to hurt, I needed him out:) From the pushing, his face was bruised pretty bad, but it has cleared up for the most part now.
We are so in love with our little handsome addition and are really enjoying the time we have while Duane is home. Kade is adjusting really well. His attitude has been a little off(saying NO more often when he asked to do something, being more active etc) but for the most part, he hasn't had any issues that concern me too much at all. He loooves his little brother and is very sweet and gentle towards him. So far he has no issues with me holding him so much. It's a relief to say the least.

We wanted to get out of the house today, so even though we probably should've let ourselves sleep in, we went to church. Here is a cute shot of the boys after church:)

Kellan all ready for church

And a quick one for his first bath

I'm sure I'll have a lot more soon. I can't keep the camera off of him, he just melts my heart:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

t minus 5 days

This last week, we had a little false labor scare just to be horribly let down when the doctor checked and found that my cervix hasn't at all changed which means the likelyhood is I will make it to my Monday induction. I have had a lot of questions for my doctor and he is most conerned about A. My pregnancy history with the protein S deficiency presents several risks of going past the due date. B. The baby's size. He is already guesstimated at 8-8.5 lbs and we don't want too big of a baby. He is clear that I can change my mind at any time but I don't think I will:) I am one for natural labor and 9 lbs naturally is not too fun as I found with Kade.

This weekend, I will stay active and try everything I can to have a baby but he seems nice and comfy where he's at for now, so I am willing to bet Monday will be the day we see this little man. I will keep you all updated:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday

Kade was so excited to go to church. After the chaos that has been Duane's surgery and on again/off again pain and well, my ginormous-ness, church has been put on the back-burner. It's one of the biggest breaks we've taken for my whole life, so Easter was really nice to be there again. We had 9:00 am church and Kade looked, well...freaking adorable but I guess I am biased:) He was so excited to wear a tie like Papa, Grandpa, and Uncle David. He frolicked in the flowers that just bloomed outside our house and even took some time to take a whiff:) As if anyone ever had any doubt, Duane is definately the only question is, is this child even mine? haha
I'm really bad at self-portraits of our little family, but here is all I could do...with our red hair:)The most beautiful little boy

Easter Egg Hunt Number 1. We went to Duane's dad's for BBQ and eggs. Kade was so happy to get his basket and eggs with money in them! haha...He insisted on picking up all the eggs with the shovel that was attatched to the was slightly adorable:)

We ended up going to Duane's grandparents afterwards where they did another egg hunt that I did not get any good pictures of sadly...I know. I would. Then we continued on to my mom's for a yummy roast dinner. It was a wonderful day with lots of family. Kade got to see all his grandparents(2 sets and a step-grandma) and his great-grandparents, so it was truly a blessing:)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

2 more weeks

You know that point in your pregnancy where you are just done? Where it seeems like it will never come and it leaves you restless? Yeah, I'm SO there. I have become increasingly uncomfortable and spend most of my spare time in my bed where even there, I cannot quite get comfortable. My wonderful husband, though he's recovering from surgery still and had some intense dental work done last week, lets me rest and takes care of the big stuff. It has been a blessing in disguise to have him home with me.

I am 38 weeks on Monday. We had the ultrasound last Friday and after all the measurements, Kellan is somewhere between 7.5-8 lbs right now. If I go 2 more weeks, he could be anywhere from 8.5-9 lbs IF I don't go out of control with the Taco Bell cravings:) Kade was large, as most of you know, weighing at 9 lbs 4.5 oz the day before my due date. So, I am going to be really good and try my hardest eat normal. Also, Dr.'s measurements show that this little one has a large head just like Kade. Gee, I can't wait:)

Other than that, the only updates for Duane are that he is walking and still has pain in the knee but next weeks appointment will tell if physical therapy is preferred and what other options we have from here.

Tomorrow is Easter and I promise that this time I won't be lame and forget to bust out the camera. Cute pictures to follow, I'm sure!