Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red and Ribbit

For Kade's 2nd birthday, we wanted to give him something special that was purely his so what better than a new pet? We have a dog named Sadie but she is very much my dog and loves her Papa and Grandpa and is warming up to Kade even through his craziness. Since we are in a rental, the pet comes down to this...a goldfish and a frog. We went to Walmart today and got him his little pets. So meet...

Red, the Gold Fantail(Kade thought I was asking what color the fish was when I said, what is his name...he didnt get the color right but he keeps calling it Red:)

Meet Ribbit(same thing. I asked him what the frog's name was and he thought I was asking what does a frog say, so we stuck with it:) He's kind of ugly but Kade is in love with this little guy

Kade giving them goodnight fishie kisses before his nap

their tank

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kade, My 2 Year Old

Kade will be 2 tomorrow, but last night we went and got his 2 year pictures done at a studio. The lady was so good with him and even though he was un-rested because he decided he didn't want to take a nap that day and he was a little scared and confused, she got him to smile and laugh. So, these are the pictures and I am just so in love with my big boy:)
and then these are my favorites without the number 2

And yes, he is digging for something in particular. He wouldn't put his hands in his pockets and keep them there so we put M&M's in there and he is trying deperately to get them:) LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

remember the dreaded cowboy costume?

Well, I didn't get back to Children's Place in time to take it back so we just kind of have it in hopes that maybe one day we'll get to use it lol.
For Christmas, Duane's mom got Kade an Elmo DVD called Elmos Wild Wild West. He is absolutely obsessed with this movie and to show his true devotion, he now will wear the cowboy hat all around the house and says things like,"Yee'haw!!!" I secretly love it:)

Pointing to Cowboy Elmo

Saying "cheese" really big I guess lol

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my park deprived man

Because of the "cold" weather here(ok so its been between like 45-60 in the last 2 months), we have not been taking Kade to the park because he has had a constant sinus infection. I've been feeling like I'm depriving my son of something as serious as when he was a newborn and I was having trouble breastfeeding. I've really been so sad about it, because I feel like if he doesn't work his large muscles he's gonna be this hyper crazy little man by 3 o'clock. It's probably the pregnancy kool-aid talking lol

So, I snapped a couple pictures. Excuse the brightness, it was so bright outside, I couldn't see on my camera screen how white is actually was. but they turned out ok. Let's face it, his face is darn near perfect so, I really have no complaints lol

And then there's my little soccer star lol

Ok, may I point out the stupid hat. I know you noticed it, its too ugly to not notice. haha. Duane's little cousin gave it to him and he insists on wearing it all day every day with the exception of nap time and bed time and bath time. Otherwise, he's got the hat. The only reason he's not wearing it in the swing pictures is because it kept falling off:)

He is big...i say that every post, I know...but I need to get it through my thick head I guess:)