Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things You Never Thought You Would Say To Your Kids

"No! Play with your own nipples!"

Kade is sick so Duane decided to take a bath with him to calm him down and cool off the fever. I'm in the bedroom and all of a sudden hear Duane shout out that little phrase. I could not stop laughing!

Kade is just discovering that he too, like Mama and Papa, has nipples. Along with the fact that Mom somehow has "baby milk in her boobs," it has become a hot topic in the household with him. Just one of those things that are fun to explain. I'm sure it won't be the last funny thing that coms out of our mouths haha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the first 2 weeks

The first 2 weeks with little Kellan home have been fun, challenging and kind of surreal.
First, the fun:

I've come to realize I can match their outfits:) It's really cute to have them in their little coordinating clothes when I take Kellan out of his carseat everyone looks at them and goes,"Awwww..." I never get tired of that:) Kade is such a good big brother. I must still have some of those wonderful hormones that make you emotional, because when Kade comes over and sits with us and wants to hold his brother or I'll be breastfeeding and he'll come over and sit with me and just kiss Kellan's head and rub the back of his head, I just get teary eyed. It's been so fun to see Duane with his boys. Anyone who has seen Duane with Kade and knows how much that little boy loves his Papa knows what I mean. He is such a wonderful father. He is helpful and loving and patient, I just couldn't ask for more.
The challenges:

Coordinating the 2 boys schedules. Getting used to having 2 and working together to get things done. Kade's attitude is off a little. He delights in telling me "no" but we're working on letting him know that it's not okay to tell mama and papa no, instead we say,"yes mom." Which he has taken a whole other step and started saying,"Yes sir." haha...or "Yes sir, mom!" It's the adventure that is the terrible twos, but we're getting through it. Kellan might possibly have some reflux issues. He has been getting some air when he eats and then no matter how long I burp him for, he vomits A LOT. I'm trying to work out the air every couple minutes so we don't have a problem but it doesn't seem to be helping much. But, he has an appt where I'll talk to the doctor about it. Kade had it too and it seemed to work itself out. It's been hard spending less time with Kade during the day. Today he was in his chair eating lunch and looked and me and smiled and said,"I miss you mom-mom." It made me sad but we are getting to a nice point where the baby has his schedule down and I am able to not be attached to him so much.


I realized about a week ago..."Wow, I am a mom of two boys." I feel so much pressure knowing I am raising future husbands and gentlemen, but with the example of their Papa and seeing how he treats me and what kind of man he is, I'm sure they will turn out to be wonderful men. It's all something that's happened so fast it seems. I feel like Duane and I haven't been married that long and it's now been 3.5 years. Though we've had recent bumps in our life, I am so happy and feel so incredibly blessed to be where I am with all my men:)

On a happy side note, Kellan is virtually sleeping through the night. He sleeps from somewhere between 11-12 to 6-7 am. He sleeps most of the day and is awake for about a half hour to an hour between each of his feedings. The time between his last feeding he is awake the whole 3 hours. He is such a good, patient, happy baby so far, we are really lucky. We still haven't even used the pacifier, so I'm a happy mom:)

So, enough of that. I know what you've really come are some picture of the last week:)

My sister threw an "awe'shum!!!" Rockstar birthday party for her 6 and 8 year old boys last weekend. A rockin' time was had by all, complete with hair dye and a live band. Kade had a blast. He dyed his hair orange(against his will, but he was bribed with soda...haha and once he discovered he had orange hair, he loved it:) He even got to play the guitar and drums. Kellan slept the whole time which my mom thoroughly enjoyed...

We went out to dinner and I dressed the boys alike. Kade wouldn't let me take a picture but here's Kellan! lol

And the always cute sleeping baby:)

More to following next week of course:)