Friday, July 31, 2009

the baseball boy

Since Kade was pretty young, he has loved baseball, a love brought on by Duane and my dad, but really he loves to watch every sport. But, oh baseball. He has several different baseball caps and a couple different mits, and lots and lots of balls-hard balls and soft balls. He has a tee, bases, and 2 batting helmets that he wears around EVERYWHERE. Not to mention he has a fabulous arm, which scared us a little because we don't want him to mess it up, but whether he plays or just watches the sport, it makes us smile to see him love something so much. Here are some recent Kade baseball shots:)

i found this shirt for the 4th and knew kade would fall in love with it. he saw the it day before and made me let him wear it lol

the helmet:)

pitcher in palo alto

singing and dancing to "pitcher's got a big butt" lol

hey batta batta swing batta!

We also have a family conflict of the battle of the bay, a's vs giants. duane, of course, is the a's fan and my dad is the giants fan. Kade's new thing is listing off all the people that he loves and the other day, he said,"Mom-mom, I love the Giants." I laughed and said, "What about the A's?" He then says,"Oh, yeah, I love the Oakland A's AND the Giants." lol...he is just too much sometimes and we are loving every moment of it:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July and a really fun weekend! crazy heavy picture alert!!!

So, I haven't posted in so long because of the craziness that is life and being sick etc but we have had such fun times. We had a fantastic weekend a couple weeks ago. We went to the beach and a couple of family fun days....also, I finally posted the 4th of july pictures...sorry for the picture overload. I realized halfway though that I sould've done it in individual posts but I was too far in to start over haha

On Saturday, we went to my Dad's IBEW Union picnic that we have gone to every year since I can remember. There are all kids of fun stuff....crafts, jump houses, petting zoo, playgrounds, good country music and dancing, good bbq, bingo, pie eating contests, etc. We love it and it makes me so happy that Kade loves it just as much as I used to:)

they had face painting and kade wanted a tattooo on his arm like papa...he got a moon and stars:)

playing in the rocks
showing off his tat haha

kellan was tired

We went to Pixie Woods, which is a mini-theme park with different themed playgrounds, different animals, a train, carousel, boat ride and water feature, on Friday with my sister, her kids and my mom. I am posting only a fraction of the pictures to save you from realizing how obsessed I am with my children and nephews:)

KAde has this new obsession with making his own drive thru window wherever we go...and serving you Taco Bell:)

us...a very us picture

my gorgeous sister and i


the water feature

the carousel

one of the playgrounds

the girls

my cheeseball

papa and his sleeping baby

the boys playing with the bells

kade giving auntie sam kissies

This is at Rio del Mar. Kade loooves the sand and the ocean. Kellan just watched the waves and loved the sounds of them:)

Again, serving me Taco Bell haha

Here are my late 4th of july pictures! We had a lot of fun going to the ward breakfast, spending the day with my mom, and going to the park and to a friend's house for the fireworks:)

we were playing a silly game that he thought was hilarious

hes telling me all aboard!

Next time, I promise, I wont take so long:)