Monday, March 21, 2011

Kade's 4 Year Pictures

Well, picture. I took a bunch of them, but I was only trying to get one good one to send out with his invites, since I was pressed for time and late on sending them out. So, we went that morning, got his hair cut, went to the park for 15 minutes and went home to send them out. I know, I need to learn not to procrastinate!
Here's the one that made the cut:

But, here were a couple of the outtakes that made me laugh and realize the reasons I love Kade. Possibly because he's the biggest goofball with the craziest, silliest, sweetest smile you've ever seen:)

And he has a creative mind, insisting I take a picture of him in the "slide circle."

And mostly, because he makes faces like this when he's genuinely trying to take a "nice picture."

And because he's the best big brother to this little guy(I had to include it somewhere it in:)

So, yeah...that's right. I have a 4 year old. Go ahead and cry. I did:)