Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. Tellies

Time for a Kellanator post:)

He fully rolled all by himself the other day and it made me so sad how big my boys are growing. Kellan is 17 lbs of love, laughter, and absolute joy. We are so lucky to have such sweet happy boys as we do. Now, that in no way means they don't have their good and bad days but for the most part, they are just complete joys:)

So, here is what Kellan has been up to:

playing on his belly

being a bumbo baby:)

going to work with mommy and playing in his exersaucer(camera phone on this one:)

and a whole lot of this:

He has been talking quite a bit, making lots of noises. He started scooting around in cirles on his belly the other day. He is just starting to become to mobile and so so big. He also started rice cereal which has been fun and messy:)

It's so funny trying to remember allt he mommy tricks and things you do to make things easier for yourself and how very much your forget in 2.5 years. I find myself saying all the time,"OH! I remember when Kade started doing that." I am just loving every second of being a mom. I love the ages my kids are at and almost don't want them to get any older but I'm sure I'll love every age just as much:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kade's Prayer Tonight

"Dear Hebenry Fodder, Dank do for dis food. Dank do for my Daddy and Mommy and Tellies and Branpa. Say fings Jesus Trist amen."

I love love love this sweet little boy of mine:)

Then and Now: Kade aka Sadest Post Ever

Did I mention he started preschool today? He's too big for mommy to take pictures of him, by the way. When I asked him what his friends' names were he said,"Tony and Corey." It's hard to imagine that 2.5 years ago he was just a little peanut like Kellan. So, for reminiscing purposes, here are Kade's pictures from then to now...


Three Months:

Six Months:

Ni ne Months:

One Year:

Fifteen Months:

Eighteen Months:

Twenty-One Months:

Two Years:

Twenty-Seven Months:

And now, Thirty Months:

Ok, so did that not make you want to cry, because I, for one, definitely have been for the past week. Not because he's growing up necessarily, but because I let it go by so fast. I used to make fun of my sister for this with her first and now, I apologize...I feel your pain:) I cannot help but look back and fall in love all over again with this sweet little boy:)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kade's first haircut

You all know Kade's hair. The long, blonde curls that just keep spiraling as they get longer. Well, it was getting a little crazy, e.g.

So, I was brushing his hair one day and it was down in his eyes and past his neck when straight and wet. I decided to pick up the scissors and get to it....and here's what happened

But don't you worry, those curls are here to stay:)

When the hair is actually combed, he looks like such a big boy:)